We are launching an funny promotional offer “pay lowest rate for my room” today. You are qualified to join this offer if you:

  1. Book direct with us
  2. Check in date is on or before 28 February, 2019
  3. Mention this offer on check-in and join lucky draw at 6pm on the check-in day

Among the guests who join the lucky draw on the day, we will find the one who paid for the lowest rate. If the one booked multiple nights, we will use the average rate per night. It can be anonymous but all the joining guests should confirm they didn’t pay more than this rate.

Then we will run the lucky draw. The winning guest will have his/her average rate per night match the lowest rate. If the winning guest is already paying for the lowest rate, he will be awarded “eco star discount” £5 off per night.

If there is only one guest joining the lucky draw event at 6pm on check-in date, no lucky draw will be run. We will award him/her £10 off per night straightaway. This discount cannot be obtained in conjunction with “eco star discount”.


  1. One guest per room to enter the lucky draw.
  2. The group guests who booked multiple rooms can have multiple entries of the lucky draw, but still restricted by one entry per room.
  3. Discount will be sent to the card if paid by card, or in cash if paid in cash.
  4. The guest will lose the chance of winning if he/she cannot attend the lucky draw event.
  5. The winning guests will have his rate revealed.
  6. Weekly/monthly rate guests are excluded.
  7. We reserve the right of final interpretation.


Direct booking guests Ava, Bella and Cora join the lucky draw.

  • Ava booked a room for 3 nights for a total of £300 (average rate £100)
  • Bella booked a room for 5 nights for £300 (average rate £60)
  • Cora booked a room for 1 night for £80

So the lowest rate is £60.

  • If Ava wins, she will get £120 discount (300 – 60×3)
  • If Bella wins, she will get £25 discount (5×5)
  • If Cora wins, she will get £20 discount (80 – 60)
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