It is possible to park for free when you stay at Regency Hotel, but you cannot take free parking opportunity for granted when you book the room. Think about it is at the heart of Brighton and lots of people are looking for free parking.

Everyday parking strategy

There are 2-car parking spaces at “Loading Only” bay just in front of our front door. In total there are 4 “Loading Only” bays to park 8 cars around Regency Square. They are all free from 6pm to 9am overnight. We are talking about street parking. Do not mix it with Regency Square underground multistorey car park.

Apart from “Loading Only” spaces, “Permit Holders Only” or “Pay and Display” spaces around Regency Square are free from 8pm to 9am.

If you –

  • Book our hotel for 1 night only
  • Arrive after 6pm/8pm
  • Leave before 9am

Then you may able to find a space for free.

Weekend parking strategy

There are a few more spaces at single yellow line on Preston Street, which is adjacent to Regency Square. Restricted parking hours of the single yellow line are 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. It means it is free for the whole day on Sundays and free from 6pm to 9am on other days.

If you –

  • Book our hotel for 2 nights stay Saturday and Sunday
  • Arrive after 6pm on Saturday
  • Leave before 9am on Monday

Then you may able to park for free for a maximum of 39 hours during your stay.

We may not able to update the free parking information in time when the parking restriction hours are changed. Please always check the sign when you park.