A lot students of language school prefer not to stay who host families. More privacy and less restrictions are important to them. Our hotel can meet this gap.

We can offer a private en-suite room for a single student or two students sharing a room. Economy double rooms and compact double rooms are popular with students. We have a massively discounted rate for students coming to Brighton to study English for 2 to 3 months. Please contact us for the rates. The rate is subject to availability so it is not possible to integrate into online booking.

Never been to Brighton and not sure if you like Regency Hotel when you arrive? You can try us by making an initial booking (at the normal rate) of up to 7 days. During these 7 days, if you decide to continue your stay, we can convert your booking to student rates and backdate this rate to your arrival date (the money paid at normal rate will be contributed to the new rate).

Enjoy your study in Brighton and enjoy your stay at Regency Hotel.

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